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Founded in 2006, the Oregon Cheese Guild is dedicated to the art and craft of making cheese. The Guild is a collaborative effort to help cheesemakers network, create educational opportunities and benefit from participating in economies of scale. Membership is limited to farmstead, artisan and commercial cheesemakers.

The Guild provides this service to help connect businesses who truly care about quality and flavor with the highest quality cheesemakers.


This site is a clearing house for you. With a few easy clicks you can find the best cheese for your recipes and cheese counters, learn about the artisan cheesemaker that created it, and be connected directly with them to learn more or purchase mouth-watering Oregon Cheese.


This site is designed to put you in contact with more people who want to purchase your cheese, and hopefully, purchase a lot of it!

The site focuses on connecting wholesalers, distributors, retailers and restaurants directly to you. Just create a profile with a few simple, guided steps, to take advantage of the Cheese Guild's collective advertising.

If you are a cheese guild member, you should have already received your login information via email. If not, contact the Oregon Cheese Guild Staff to have it resent.